Multi-class thrash

A great name for a three piece AD&D-themed thrash band is Fighter/Magic-user/Thief, which is one of my favorite multi-class characters for obvious reasons. Hacking and slashing, sneaky and peeking, lighting and flighting, Renalor Barrowrouge would give a few gnolls and their orc minions quite a melee’ before killing them all and looting their bodies of their various copper and silver pieces, with maybe a few crappy gems thrown in.

Another good one is Cleric/fighter; the twist is that the songs are about fighting clerics. There could be songs with titles such as “St. Cuthbert’s Clubbing” and “Desecration of Istus.

Less good names for bands are Cleric/Magic-user or Illusionist/Thief. Cleric/Magic-user would have religious overtones, maybe like a Dragonforce with more Jesus. I hear the stage banter now: “Jesus was the original cleric/magic-user.” Illusionist/Thief would be a prog rock band that peaked in the early 80s. Think the musicianship of bad Yes, mixed with the budget philosophical lyrics of Kansas. The illusionist/thief character in all the songs would steal the hearts of maidens and then rock their boyfriends. The name of the album would be something like The Wonderment of Yesteryear or The Voyages of Illusionist/Thief [their concept album].

Mellotron was tron before tron was cool

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