Never Liked the Tasloi

I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden Series was a bit too outdoor adventure for me. Call me a savage, but I am pretty much all dungeon crawl, all the time. I don’t care about how many hexes I am moving in a 4-hour period. I want to care about prodding ahead with a 10′ pole and murdering a few humanoids. However, there are highlights.

  • Yuan Ti: who doesn’t want to add another half-lizard/snake mix into the AD&D pool? Lizard men, check; nagas, check; yuan ti, check plus. Like nagas, there are multiple versions of yuan ti [pureblood, halfbreed, abominations]. Like lizard men, some of them walk upright. One of the first times I played this adventure, several of us got killed by these snaky figures.
  • One word: Mongrelmen. Perverse Osmosis loves mongrelmen so much that we wrote a song about them. And really, what’s the difference between an half-elf and a mongrelman? Marketing.
  • First appearance of the aboleth is in this module. Any time a creature that has major influence in the underdark shows up, things are going to go badly for a while. We played with psionics, so cue trombones.
  • A non-highlight: the blasted tasloi. Spear-throwing primitives that are both sly and malicious. They use nets and eat dead characters. Seriously, they guys are jerks.
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