Never trust a ghoul

A new Perverse Osmosis song is “Ghoul-Ghast Go-Go Party.” One of the lines in the song is “Hey you monsters aren’t so bad.”  Perverse Osmosis lies. Ghoul and Ghast: not pleasant monsters to run into. Sure, I know that I mentioned how they were better than carrion crawlers, but come on, that is setting the bar pretty low. I can count on one Beholder the amount of creatures that are worse than carrion crawlers. Off the top of my head I would say black pudding, green slime, gelatinous cubes, and rot grubs. It is not much of a compliment to be better than a rot grub.

But ghouls and ghasts? They aren’t hard to hit: a ghoul has an armor class of 6 and a ghast an AC of 4. They can be hit with normal weapons; a decent cleric can turn them. Despite all this, they cause parties a surprising amount of problems. The paralyzing touch of the ghoul and the vomit-inducing stench of the ghast ended the careers of many a Krobar the Invincible or Erivast, Servant of Pholtus. There are usually several of the encountered at a time, and the Monster Manual claims that ghouls “have a terrible cunning.”

This cunning leads to the surprise ending of “


There's no reason to be sad

There's no reason to be sad

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