Night’s Dark Terror

B10, no, not the vitamin, but instead this UK module that takes players from Basic D&D to Expert. I look at it as a sort of Isle of Dread meets horse riding. Given my devotion to AD&D, I never played B10, but it certainly has that classic UK look.

For example,

Three heads on a pike? What’s not to like? From the context of the module, these heads mark the gnoll’s border.

And here, this is straight-out Lovecraft.

These hutaakan, or jackal-men, are the rulers of a group of semi-human humans. One can see why with their good posture and imposing mien.

B10 is also complex enough where it comes with lots and lots of counters. I never liked playing with counters, given the fact that they were very easily lost. But that says more about me than anything else.

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