Occult Burials

I never was much into clerics as a player, but they are quite useful when you are actually on adventure of them what with their healing and so on. Since I have been reading the AD&D 1st-edition core books this time through with more nuanced eyes, I have found another something out about clerics.

In the few times I played a cleric, never once did I use Speak with the Dead. Sticks to Snakes? Yes. Curse? Yes. Speaking with a pile of bones? Never. Upon rereading the spell, I noted that if I somehow got to 21st-level, I could ask seven questions of someone dead 1,000 years. That is a long time.

Still wouldn’t use it. If I am a 21st-level cleric, I got better things to do. Like spending time on the astral plane with five of my closest friends, thanks to my astral spell.

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