October is here again

Here we are: October [Brewfest and Patchwall for those using the Greyhawk calendar], the most Perverse Osmosis month of them all. This time around, we will be looking at rooms and encounters in modules that are spooky, kooky, ooky, or ghoulie.

First up: from B1, In Search of the Unknown, The Garden Room.

I think anyone who played this module has a recollection of the room since the description is a fairly evocative one:

Once the showplace of the entire stronghold, this garden has become a botanical nightmare over the passage of time. With no one to tend the gardens, molds and fungi have grown out of control. Overhead a strange greenish light emits from what parts of the ceiling not obscured by plant growth.

Adding to the already high chance of mischief, especially given this module could be the first adventure any PC ever went on, brought about by the opportunities to eat some bad fungi, the more enterprising characters are also given the opportunity to perform a little herbalism in making a potion. Unsurprisingly, the majority of these efforts will turn out poorly, but a bad trip is still a trip.

Our intrepid adventurers also found this map.

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