Ogre University

Orge University is a historically monster-serving private institution that was founded in 322 CY. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 2,135, its setting is rural, and the campus size is 310 acres. It utilizes a season-based academic calendar. Ogre University’s ranking in the 606 CY edition of Best Colleges is 22nd. Its tuition and fees are 300 g.p. a season.

Ogre U., as it is affectionately know as, is located in the Joten mountains, near Keoland. Orge U. offers a number of social events, inter-species activities, and alignment-based organizations. The Ogre U. Ogres are members of the Giant League and are best-known for their willingness to participate. Ogre University offers a variety of academic programs. including the regionally accredited school of architecture. Ogre University’s official motto, “The Smallest Giant is Still a Giant,” reflects its proud belief in heritage.

At a Glance:

Number of Majors: 15

Student/faculty ratio:1/16

Standardized test required for entry: no

Average incoming first-year student GPA: 2.3

Male/Female ratio: 45/55

Student body self-identifies as 65% ogre, 17% merrow, 12% ogre-magi, 3% ogrillon, 2% half-ogre, 1% other

Faculty holding terminal degrees: 65%

President: Dr. Hruug Giljhu


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