Oh the Tailor Bills

In addition to all of the other terrible parts about being a werewolf: guilt at one’s deeds; smelling terribly after a three-day wolf binge; the chance that a silver bullet will end up in one’s hear; there also is the little detail of all of the clothes that are going to get ruined during lycanthropic transformation. This ruinous bill is only going to get worse if peasant Gildor is unware of the wolf coming through every month. There he is, eking out a living tilling a patch of land for the local baron and every 30 days, Gildor needs to pick up a new pair of rags to replace the old rags that he destroyed when he went wolf. Think that is cheap? Think again.

I don’t know about most of the rest of us, but if I was dropping a copper piece a month to replace rags with other rags, I would be non-plussed. Maybe Gildor steals from his victims, but I don’t think I would be organized enough as a werewolf to pull that off.

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