One long parade

Continuing with our Mardi Gras theme, some other random tales from Carnival:

The first band I ever did lights for was Bob’s Brew, which included future PO member Mark Ultra. Bob’s Brew was a psychedelic country band; out of their ashes grew present-day insurgent country act Country Fried. Bob’s Brew was good enough to land a show during Mardi Gras at Checkpoint Charlies, which is in the French Quarter. Obviously, there was a hefty pre-show party and by the time the Brew got on stage, everyone was feeling fine. During this set, Bob’s Brew played a version of  The Mummies’ “High Heel Sneakers” that included the line “Put on your mardi gras panties.” To add some flavor, Brian the front man sang with a giant Pikachu head on.

I also managed to catch New Orleans sludge masters Hawg Jaw at Checkpoints as well. They refused to start the show until a bottle of whisky that they brought with them got drunk by the crowd. At first, we all thought they were kidding. They weren’t. So away we the crowd went, passing the bottle around until it was empty and the show could start. At that same show, Hawg Jaw’s singer did a flip off the bar rail, but no one caught him and he smashed directly into the floor. No harm was done and the show continued.

On more than a couple occasions, I got trapped in my uptown neighborhood because parades blocked all routes out. Parades break down a lot, and a parade scheduled to run two hours may take five. Add on the fact that there are usually three parades a night, and there is going to be some periods where movement is difficult. When this happens, there are a couple options: one is to return to the apartment and carry on with whoever else is trapped. The second is hop on the bike, start riding in the opposite direction of the parade and see what happens. I wasted about an hour one night trying to find a hole in party quarantine. I finally did and was rewarded by seeing Evil Army at the Circle Bar, which was far too small to host any band that has Evil or Army in their name.

Occasional groping possible

Occasional groping possible

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