Scarlet Brotherhood Rebuttal

Perverse Osmosis recently received the following message from Greyhawk’s very own The Scarlet Brotherhood:


Your recent post insinuated that The Scarlet Brotherhood was actively involved in open warfare against Irongate. This is not a correct statement of fact: the Brotherhood has long had cordial relations with our friends at Irongate. Additionally, there is open trade on the Azure Sea between the benevolent Brotherhood and the fair merchants of Irongate. It was only yesterday I purchased a fine peridot ring from one of Irongate’s Dwarven tradespeople. These scurrilous rumors only reinforce stereotypes that many people who are unfamiliar with The Scarlet Brotherhood have about us.

In the future, please choose your words more wisely.

With respect.

Brother Trildor

Chief Information Liaison

Perverse Osmosis stands by its original story. The Scarlet Brotherhood’s claim is also undermined by the fact the messenger tried to attack us and, when she failed, took her life.



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