Seasons of the Witch [Pt. 1]

We have gone this far on witches, so why not a couple more posts about an NPC/monster that is not even listed in the Monster Manual? Someone on a Reddit thread made the argument that night hags are essentially witches: they show up at night, ride nightmares, are ugly, and display a host of other witch-like behaviors.

To them I say, if the night hag was supposed to be a witch, then our lord and master Gary would have called them a witch. I mean, before he got sued, he called treants “ents” and the halfling is a hobbit, so it isn’t like he was not going to go there. Going there was pretty much what Gary did. Granted it didn’t always go well for ol’ Gary [see above-mentioned comment on being sued], but give this to the guy, he was bold.

Really though, this post is an excuse to drop in this Zeke song that came out on a 7-inch and then again on Alive and Uncensored. It’s the season of the burning witch, and lawful types might be into that. For those of us working on a bit more of the chaotic front, burning witches is a little too close to religious tyranny. And you know what that means? Time to do a little burning of our own.

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