Slasher and Herbert West

In case the viewer did not see the first two, a helpful reminder:

And now, a lovely outfit, courtesy of Miskatonic University, from Beyond Re-Animator:

Another closer view. I don’t think these tees are on sale anywhere:

Herbert West, breaking bad.

Color me blood red:

On a different note, I don’t know why I hadn’t seen Slasher/Blood Rage before. It was probably available for rent at Bootlegger or Winner’s Corner in the late 80s, and it would have been extremely in my wheelhouse. If prime material plane me was still teaching classes in horror, I would have used this number as a way to show overt Freudianism in slasher movies.

This image would make a great t-shirt.

Let’s just say, mom is working through some stuff:

No wonder he is a killer; look how he does his tie:

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