Slaughter the Victims

Order: that’s what citizens get when they live under the benevolent tyranny of some Lawful Evil ruler. Yes, it is certainly hard to move from hovel to hovel, but really, who cares? J.Q. Peasant is not having that great of a time no matter where he, she, it resides in the Prime Material Plane. Once a year, there are outrageous taxes or sacrifice of the first born or forced labor, but again, J.Q. Peasant is already paying outrageous taxes and working every day; the sacrifice of the first born is one fewer mouth to feed. There will be some local administrator or cleric type acting as an embassary to the crown. Nothing personal, but old Mr. Peasant isn’t having many conversations with the local power brokers. He is more likely having conversations about dung and what happens to dung. Occasionally, a pit fiend or a mezzodemon comes around to burn down the village church and horribly slaughter those who survive. But that is only occasionally; most, nay, the majority of the time, JQ Peasant can live in a slaughter-free environment quietly tilling the soil. Is that too much to ask? Dare to dream, my friends, dare to dream.

Under a Lawful Evil regime, there will be far fewer homocidal bunny attacks

Under a Lawful Evil regime, there will be far fewer homicidal bunny attacks

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