Speak with Dead Animal

In addition to the remarkable discovery of feign life, researchers have also uncovered this surprising Druidical spell.

Speak With Dead Animal

Level: 3

Range: 1                                                  Components: V, S, M

Duration: Special                                   Casting Time: 1 turn

Area of Effect: One creature                 Saving Throw: None

Explanation/Description: Upon casting a speak with dead animal spell, the druid is able to ask several questions of a dead animal in a set period of time and receive answers according to the knowledge of that animal. The length of time that the animal has been dead is a factor, since only higher-level druids can converse with the long dead.  Much like the 3rd-level cleric spell speak with the dead, the length of time an animal can be dead is determined by the level of the druid, and players and Dungeon Masters should consult the cleric spell speak with the dead to ascertain the length of death, the time questioned, and number of questions. The druid needs a sprig of elderberry and mistletoe as spell components.

Speak with his ancestors

Speak with his ancestors

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