ST1: Glasgow Awais

Ye olde computer suffered some technical difficulties on the adventure to Scotland, which mean that I couldn’t post a log of my adventures through the bonnie kingdom of the Scots. But, as Boccob said somewhere, better late than never, so here is a recap of my most recent dungeon crawl.

Much like Calimport in Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk in Greyhawk, the bedazzling city of Londonarium is the major entry point into the Kingdom. Here are person can get all they need for their adventuring needs: coin of the local realm, transportation to and from the hinterland, and equipment. New visitors to Londonarium are shepherded down a well-lit tunnel before a brief, but necessary, discussion with border guards. I was impressed with the amount of light spells that must have been used to keep these tunnels lit.



After providing the necessary documentation [and thankfully, no bribes], the party headed out of the port complex and into the surprising sunshine. The next step was hiring a coach to take us to the modified Sustarre’s Chariot that provided the transportation north. The coaches [called “taxis” in the local lingo] not only were clean and well-driven, but also provided us a chance to see what I can only assume to be some form of local performance art, as demonstrated here:


Both passengers opening the doors at the same time seems to be too well choreographed to be accidental. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to ask anyone what possible meaning these openings had since we quickly hopped into a coach ourselves and were whisked away to catch our iron horse to the famed city of Glasgow and the start of the adventure proper.

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