ST2: Exploration of Glasgow

After taking the iron horse to Glasgow, the party decamped at the station and began its exploration of Glasgow, Scotandia’s largest city. We quickly dropped off our equipment at the local inn [The Grand Central Hotel] and examined our defensive positions. As any good adventurer knows, taking a few rounds before lighting out is common sense. ¬†Our rooms seemed to be quite defensible.



As one can see, the combination of the stone barriers and the elevation made our room well-nigh assault proof, although the stone walls of the inn itself were an invitation for sneak thieves and second-story men.

The street life of Glasgow was the usual hustle and bustle of a large city: goods were aplenty and the citizens seemed a contented lot. Maybe it is the result of benevolent rulers or the sunshine of the day.


Although, if one looks closely at the large livery vehicle in the background of this etching, they will notice that this kingdom may have a problem with disquieted dead:


The potential for reanimated corpses may also explain what the Tardis is doing in Glasgow:


In our wanderings throughout the day, we saw many great dwellings, all made of crafted stone. I didn’t check my atlas to the realm, but I would bet two gold pieces that a community of dwarves lives somewhere close:


Here is another example of the work that the local dwarves are doing. From the intricate patterns and delicate filigree, these must be artisans of no small skills.


This temple [I assume] also displays the workmanship of the area. The chronometer in the center of the tower kept excellent time, indicating the local population’s interest in promptness. Perhaps this ties in with the previously mentioned concern over the evil dead. I know that certain types of undead only roam at night.


At one time, the city of Glasgow must have been subject to invasion [most likely orc or goblin]. Why else would there be so many fortified buildings? I also suspect that flooding was used by the invaders. This tactic would explain the amount of wires running between the buildings. Citizens could walk across them to get from building to building, although this would have been no small feat when under goblin spear attack. Sure, those little bastards miss a lot, but even a near miss is quite disconcerting.


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