ST2: Voyage to Hogmanay

ST 2: Voyage to Hogmanay

Upon landing in Glasgow, our party voyaged to its lodging point: the Hotel Indigo. Our four-person group dropped off it various equipment and proceeded out into the city proper, where it hoped that it would find the various clues needed to continue its travels north into the Highlands and Hogmanay.

The city itself has faced attack from various humanoid elements over the course of the last decade, as displayed by the different defense mechanisms spread throughout the city. Here we have one of the many fortifications surrounded by metal fencing that helped drive off the combined orc/hobgoblin invasion of 1435. Led by the orcish chieftain Hr’rok, this attack was the high water mark for the alliance, but the resolute defenders of Glasgow, aided by local deep gnomes and for-hire magic users from Greyhawk, repulsed the combined forces and drove the humanoids back into the hinterlands.

This waterway was once the home of a particularly cruel group of scags, who used the canals as a combined transportation system and food supply. The immigration of merfolk over the last five years, drawn by low taxes and ample water, has done wonders to reduce the threat posed by aquatic trolls.

Despite the casting of read languages by one of the party members, the runes on this obelisk were incomprehensible.

On the advice of the local hosteler, we went to this temple of Celestain, where, for a small fee, we could have asked one of the clerics about the Hogmanay festival and the safest way to get there. Unfortunately, upon our arrival, there was an ongoing service and, since none of us worship the far wanderer, we decided to bypass the opportunity.

After a excellent meal of bread, tomatoes, cheeses, hog, and wine, the party decided to experience the city at night. The amount of light, continual light, dancing lights, and faery fire spells that illuminated the buildings demonstrated that Glasgow has a large, and active, magic-users guild.

After patrolling the city for the better part of two turns, we decided to return to our beds, weary but ready to continue our adventure the next day.

Day 2

After some discussion, the party unanimously elected Safphira the rogue as the official map reader and navigator, and that proved to be a stroke of genius for the party. Leading us through a variety of twisting streets, she delivered us to an interesting eatery that offered the delicacy of black pudding on the menu. I have no idea exactly how the pudding is harvested, but I can only imagine it is a complicated and deadly process.

The party continued its exploration, buying needed clothing and searching for information.

A trip to the local university paid off; we were given information about our next destination and what adventures we were likely to face there.  This gnomic phrase, painted on an abandoned building, was the key: it turned out to be a password. 

When spoken to a local beggar, the beggar responded with “Edinburgh; there your fortune lies. Enjoy the time and heed its cries.” Although not knowing what the second part of the phrase meant, the first part was direction enough. We gathered our possessions, ready our spells and weapons, and caught the iron horse to the renowned city of Edinburgh.            


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