Sticks to Sticks

Doing a little more reading on the cleric spell “Sticks to Snakes,” and I find the description fairly confusing. More accurately, one part of it is. The “sticks to snakes” part is easy: get a bunch of torches, brambles, bo sticks, or clubs together, throw them on the ground, start chanting, and in a mere 7 segments (admittedly quite fast and certainly an arbitrary number), the aforementioned sticks turn into snakes, some of which could be venomous.

The confusing part is how long the sticks stay snakes. As we can see below, the duration reads “2 rounds/level.” But in the description, it reads “2 melee rounds for each level.” This is a major difference and could be the difference between Wern the Majestic commanding the snakes long enough to escape the ambush or Wern the Majestic simply prolonging his death in the ambush.

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