Stinking in the Den

One piece of lore that has run throughout werewolf lore is that they stink. It might sense: my understanding, limited that it is, is that wolves have a particular smell. Ever smell a dog? I imagine that a wolf smells like a dog that has never been inside, never been given one of those treats that make their breath smell better, and never had a bath. Now mix that with a person who likely recently ripped another human into pieces, and there is going to be some funk.

Going back a couple posts, I talked about a likely adventure being getting hired by a local baron to kill a werewolf who has been stalking his barony. I don’t know if there are many detect scent spells running around for a 3rd-level cleric but that would be a mighty fine way to suss out where Wolfie is. At least, it would provide a lead, although I have a feeling that everyone in the barony who isn’t the baron probably smells.

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