Stinking Mouth

Another of the scrolls found by Greyhawk’s archaeological team investigating in Blackmoor: stinking mouth.

Stinking Mouth (Evocation)

Level: 4                                 Components:V,S,M

Range: 3″                              Casting Time: 2 segments

Duration: 1 round/level          Saving Throw: Special

Area of Effect: 1″ x 1″ x 1″ cloud

Explanation/Description: When stinking mouth is cast, the magic-uses expels a billowing mass of nauseous vapors out of his/her mouth. Any creature, PCs included  (but not the spellcaster), caught within the cloud must save vs. poison or be helpless due to the noisome emission for 2 to 5 rounds (1d4 +1). Those who make the successful save are helpless only for as long as they remain within the cloud and the round after they emerge, due to the irritating effects on visual and olfactory organs. The material components for this spell is a mouthful of garlic or rotten pepper.

All these people failed their saving throws

All these people failed their saving throws

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