Storm Giant State University

Storm Giant State University is a historically giant-serving public institution that was founded in 143 CY. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 800 and a graduate enrollment of 118, its setting is aerial, and the campus size is 918 acres. It utilizes a quarterly academic calendar. Storm Giant State University’s ranking in the 606 CY edition of Best Colleges is 3rd. Storm Giant State has no tuition.

Storm Giant State University, Greyhawk’s third-oldest institute of higher education, floats above the Plains of Paynmis, south of Zief. SGSU offers free room and board to all who are admitted; however, its acceptance rate is 1d4 percent, rolled annually.  The Storm Giant State Lightning Bolts are members of the Giant League and have won or shared 15 championships across a range of sports. Storm Giant State has 45 academic programs; its two doctoral programs are in Electrical Bio-Engineering and Pre-Invoked Devastation History. Storm Giant States’s official motto, “Storm, Light, Life,” was coined by the University’s first president, Dr. Pardish Relldo.

At a Glance:

Number of Majors: 62

Student/faculty ratio:1/8

Standardized test required for entry: SAT, ACT, GRE

Average incoming first-year student GPA: 3.93

Male/Female/Both ratio: 42/55/3

Student body self-identifies as 88% storm giant, 9% air elemental, 2% brass dragon, 1% other

Faculty holding terminal degrees: 98%

President: Dr. Suddnorth Twerlnau


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