Jess Franco’s 1968 Necronomicon – Geträumte Sünden, or Succubus for those of us who don’t speak German, was apparently inspired by Franco reading a short story in the Necromonicon in the late 1960s. It would be interesting to see what exactly Franco read since there isn’t a Necronomicon, only phony versions of it. No matter what he read, it must have been far, far out. It is best not to watch this movie expecting a coherent narrative.

“What do these objects make you think of?”

This was what the piano player was using for sheet music. I said this movie was far out.

She had enough of his intellectual games.

Even in Germany, we relax with the taste of J&B.

At this point, we all know what sugar cubes equal.

There is a lot of weird material going down in this scene.

We get it, you are cute.

Far, far out.

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