Take Sides

Who ya got: Hobgoblins or goblins?

On one side, we have representatives of the leg breakers, the skull smashers, and the slow killers. Best dressed, in my opinion, of the humanoids with their fondness for bright, bloody colors and black leather. Not many members of the slow killers showing up to melee wearing khakis or anything earth tone. They do, however, enjoy living underground, which maybe explains the colors. That way, when the inevitable cave-in happens, someone can find you.

On the other side, we have the children of the soil, the true offspring of Maglubiyet, goblins. One step, at least, up the social organization ladder than kobolds, and significantly more likely have taken a bath in the last two year. Two steps down, at least, from flinds, who tell gnolls what to do, and we all know what gnolls do to goblins. Goblins also can live underground, and they are probably even less disciplined miners than hobgoblins, so their version of OSHA is undoubtedly quite busy.  

Me? I am taking the easy way out and going with the duergar.

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