The Caves of Milk

Our first stop on the seeing it all world tour–we are still working on the title–are the ambiguously named Caves of Milk. Located roughly two days ride from Greyhawk in the Cairn Hills, these caves are filled with a milky, mineral water that does have a passing resemblance to cow milk.

We were escorted to mouth of the cave complex by Trsou Milgret, an entrepreneurial resident of the area. He charges 5 s.p. for an escort to mouth of the caves, some local bread and cheese for the exploration, and a promise of letting our next of kin know if we didn’t come back out.

The caves and the milky water within were far more elaborate than anyone in our party expected. We must have marched at least 6 or 7 rounds through one cavern alone; the whole time, a windy stream of opaque liquid tinkling alongside of us. Trsou told us about how the gray ooze in these caves are often pink or blue colored from all the minerals, but we either didn’t see them or weren’t looking hard enough for ooze. And frankly, why would we?

As I mentioned at the start of this travel narrative, we were going to answer three questions about every place we visited:

  • Why did we go there? It was close, it seemed fun, it was relatively safe, and it was cheap.
  • What is there that is interesting? The milky river was rad and the caves were certainly big.
  • Would we go again? If I were looking to kill a grey ooze or two, probably. If I had never been there before, certainly: it is pretty close to Greyhawk and makes an easy weekend vacation. But again? Once is enough.

Up next: Dyvers

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