The Toy Box

I have always edged closer to the Russ Meyer end of the exploitation spectrum than the Harry Novak one. I am not really a boob fan, which would seem to work against my like of Meyer, but his middle period movies have the sense of violence, menace, and dirtiness that I find enjoyable. But after watching The Toy Box (1972) and taking another look at Novak’s film credits, I have a new respect for Harry.

The Toy Box is sexploitation, no ways around it. It starts with a vibrator scene; there is a full-on hippy orgy; there is even some necrophilia thrown in for funsies. So far, there is not much to distinguish it from tens of other skin flicks that are doing the same thing in the early 1970s. But none of these other movies [as far as I know] feature aliens who are using the sexy time toy box to freeze the various naked hippies, send them back to Rigel 7 or whatever the name of the home planet is, and then use their brains as a primary ingredient in illegal drugs [shades of Liquid Sky and I Come in Peace]. Seriously, this is the plot that surrounds all of the boobs and bush and occasional dong shots.

The Toy Box also has Uschi Digart making out with her bed sheets, which I would like to believe influenced the death of Rob in Nightmare on Elm Street. Even if it didn’t, take a look at this bed:

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