The way around is to make no sound

The Carrion Crawler is a terrible monster, and no party should have compunctions about killing them. I know that some choose-up-siders and the Council of Burneal Druids may claim that even carrion crawlers have a right to live in peaceful existence with the other corpse-eating dungeon dwelling denizens. But I say no! It is time to stand up to tolerance, to draw a line in the sand, to take up a policy of firm and violent destruction.

Look at the name and that is all there is to know: these creatures crawl on carrion. That’s it, that is what they do. After the party slays a bunch of stupid goblins or ambushes the gnoll trading party, who goes out into the hallway and crawls on the mutilated bodies? I will give you one guess, and the answers are neither ghoul nor ghast. Ghouls and ghasts have the common decency to wait until the body is buried. The carrion crawler does not even give Fr’llok the Goblin that level of respect. I hate goblins as much as the next neutral evil fighter, and I have never once crawled on their bodies. To be accurate, one time I did crawl on some goblin bodies but that was consensual.

Of course, the Perverse Osmosis song “Beware the Crawler” does not support above rant. In the song, the party is given extra experience for sneaking around the monster, thus the line “the way around is to make no sound.” “Crawler” was the song that I learned how a break worked when I was drumming [which should give some indication of the unrefined nature of early PO]. I hated this song for quite some time; only “Make it today” is more hated by me. Although the version of “MIT” is insane on the Nerdfest 2008 show.

Freezing cold our imperiled souls

Freezing cold our imperiled souls

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