(I am the) Tomb of the Lizard King

I2: Tomb of the Lizard King is not that great. Much like I1, it is a bit too much outdoor swamp stomping for my likes. That said, when the party finally gets out of the mud and mire and finds the actual tomb of the self-same lizard king, things pick up.

Nearly 20 wights, former slaves of the lizard king, are in one of the rooms. There is arguably a top-ten- worst picture in an AD&D module in the carnivorous ape encounter.The actual lizard king is vampiric. But I do think that a major opportunity was missed with not working Doors lore into the lizard king room or backstory. Mark Acres could have thrown in a line or two from “Celebration of the Lizard,” “Shaman’s Blues,” or, to get obscure, “L’America.” 12 year-old me wouldn’t have gotten it, 18 year old me would have, and present-day me would have doffed my hat at the con.

Not good.

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