Troll Plaza

It is hard to tell when one is constantly adventuring where the next outlandish story or event is going to come from. Sometimes it is when Faraghon the Warrior decides to drink all the potions he has at once [not good]; sometimes it comes from the cleric when she meets her cleric “sisters” at free for all festival for Corellon, the Life Shaper [good]. So when a trip to the Troll Plaza was offered to me, I had to accept.

I was killing time with Hamor, a halfling acquaintance of mine. We had recently returned from our adventure to the Tomb of the Lizard King, and, quite frankly, were looking for drugs. Nothing hard: no Abyssal Thistle or Glendor’s Beard for us. Nope, we are good, old-fashioned herb heads. Hamor claimed he knew where we could get some, and I quote, “high-end, Bag-end, heavytops.” Now, I have no real idea what this is, but it has to be good with a name like this. Next thing I know, we are walking towards the suburbs of Greyhawk. We start passing all these streets with names like Oak Valley and Muskrat Ridge. This, I said, does not look like a place where a neutral-evil fighter and a halfling wearing pink pantaloons are going to fit in.

We come up to a nice house, one of those houses where the numbers are spelled in letters. We walk around the back of the place, and Hamor knocks on one of the basement windows. The window opens, and I see a what looks like a troll arm pointing us towards the back door. I will say up front that I am no fan of the troll; I find them distasteful with a smell that brings tears to my eyes. I am even less of a fan of walking into a house where the trolls may be. This is beginning to seem like a bad idea. But in for a copper piece in for a gem has always been my motto, so I follow the halfling to the back door.

Waiting for us at the door was my first ever look at a teenage troll. He had more pimples than the usual troll and was wearing some oversized hoodie with a gryphon on it. Turns out that his parents got turned on to the heavytop when they went to Troll U, went on to become lawyers working the Greyhawk corporate grind, but maintained their habit. Vliprok would pinch a little of his parents’ stash now and then to sell for spending money. Hamor gave him 20 g.p. and Troll Teen pulled out at huge bag of the stuff. That is when I pulled out the longsword +2 I found in the Lizard King’s Tomb and chopped off the arm that was holding the bag. Hamor grabbed the bag, I slashed Troll Teen in the leg, and we ran all the way back to Hamor’s place where we preceded to get heavy, call a few half-orc ladies over, and party . It does pay to be neutral evil.

I got your heavy top right here.

I got your heavytop right here.

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