Two Doors and a Mummy Get Together

There has been a fair amount of Doors listening going on at Perverse Osmosis, North Branch, recently. Dr. Leanback and I spent much of the last weekend listening to [in his case] and re-listening to [in my case] The Doors, Strange Days, and Waiting for the Sun. We both heard the Terry Gross interview on NPR with Manzarek and were intrigued by how smart and funny Manzarek seemed. During our Baldur’s Gate expedition, instead of listening to the cries of the gnolls or goblins that we were slaying, we listened to the creepy surfing sounds of The Doors [more on this in a forth-coming post].

Then I heard Jim Boss and the Sundowners playing “Your Love is Stronger Than Dirt” on WFMU this morning. It isn’t the Mummies version [although part of it are], it isn’t the ending of  “Touch Me” from Soft Parade, it is its own, crazy thing. Skip forward a minute to get to the song.



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