Ull Have What They Are Having

Apparently, I am interested in the less great parts of Oerth these days, as I am about to write about Ull, which, from the one time I was there and what others have written about it, is about as less great as you can get (with the exception of when The Horned Society was active and Iuz). I am not a person who generally paints with a broad brush—how could I? I once dated an orgillion and half-orc at the same time—but grab my brush and get my paint, because I’m about to paint a picture of Ull for you.

First off, it takes a lot of walking/riding/flying to get there, even with Boots of Seven Leagues or other magic items. And the Barrier Peaks are in the way, and they are so formidable that they have their own module about getting to the other side.

Second, once in Ull, there isn’t much to look at or do. They do have nice ponies and pony races in the northern part of the state, but I doubt seriously I am going to walk even farther to see ponies run in a circle, and if I wanted to buy one, I would pick it up somewhere closer to a city.

Third, the only city of size is Ulkand, and it is mostly an overgrown town filled with bandits, thieves, rustlers, and occultists. On the whole, in small doses, I can hang out with any of these groups, and I probably have been called at least three of these professions on some occasion. However, an entire small city of these folks leads to a certain sense of paranoia about every social interaction, and sometimes a person just wants to get legless on cheap wine without having to worry about getting stabbed.

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