War on Billy Joel’s War on Attila

Attila¬† has already been mentioned before here at Perverse Osmosis. What has not been mentioned is Billy Joel’s megalomaniacal desire to erase his history with Attila. Joel’s supposed comment on the band is “that hippy shit,” and the only song of that makes his collected works is “Amplifier Fire.” As far as we have looked, the original back of Attila’s only album does not exist on the internet, and I bet Billy is sitting back in his glass mansion, drinking a lime rickey, thinking that he is in the clear, that all evidence he was once in a band who dressed in furs in a meat locker, that he ever said, “I only sweat two things: perfecting my sound and Southeast Asia,” has been flushed down the memory hole. He is probably thinking that he sure is glad that his quarter-of-a-century old wife never saw his picture or read about his anger at people “who say no to new sounds before they hear them.” He sits there, smugly, rattling the ice cubes in the glass, thinking he has it made.

Now the question may be raised: how did we ever get these nuggets of information about what William Joel sweats? Answer: The back of the Attila album. That’s right. Thanks to the sub-dimensional work of Dr. L.E.Anback, PO managed to get a scan of the back; I highly recommend taking the time to read the entire essay. Here it is in all its glory:

Next time William Joel comes to town, run off copies of this image and put them around. Let the people know what they have lost.

It has also been brought to our attention that some of the mp3 links are not working; we are working on some new players and haven’t quite figured it all out yet. If completely desperate for AD&D thrash, email us at info@perverseosmosis.com and we will send the mp3s directly.

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