Even now, despite being a bands for more than a decade, and listening to music for more than four, I am not real sure what vamping is. I think it is a relation of noodling and jamming and improvising but not quite any of those things. Even when I looked up the definition, it was a bunch of stuff about chords and measures, and things that a thrash drummer does not care about.

But in the wide world of Greyhawk, I am very familiar with vamping. It is when a bunch of high-level adventurers set out to kill a group of vampires. Unfortunately, this means that there is usually a powerful cleric involved, and I don’t love the religious, but vampires aren’t anything to take lightly, so one of St. Cuthbert’s minions comes along. Don’t even get me started on paladins, but again, they are generally really effective again Mr. Two-Fang, and they get an invite. All other fighters, barbarians, magic-users, thieves, assassins, and monks are encouraged to apply.

Get six friends involved, make sure there is plenty of holy water, several magical weapons, a bunch of spells and scrolls, and put an end to these creatures of the night. To be clear: I am not doing it because they are evil; I am doing it because they have lots and lots of treasure.

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