Vampires in Lankhmar

CA2: Swords of Deceit would not be a blast from the past that I would enjoy reblasting. It seems hard and boring and a lot of it is again city adventures and talking. That said, like almost every other adventure, even Palace of the Silver Princessthere are some fun parts.

  • It is one of the few modules–Queen of the Demonweb Pits being an obvious example–where the adventures can legit fight a god. Granted it is a one of the Gods of Lankhmar, but it is still a neutral evil entity bringing 20 hit die and a bunch of god-like powers to the melee.
  • There is a wererat uprising in the making.
  • There are fairly special character images for a couple of the pre-rolled characters. Osmosites, I give you
  •  and      
  • The party runs into a super sexy Lankhmart vampire and the module is not ashamed to emphasize how seductive she is. For example, this page is straight out of Creepy or Eerie or some other Warren publication:


Or this one: please note the great hair. She could easily be in a giallo.



  • A monster named the Eater of Souls shows up, which continues the love for Lovecraft.
  • I won’t be sad to see the CAs go. A bit too cerebral for my tastes.

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