Perverse Osmosis Vale of the Basilisk - Perverse Osmosis

Vale of the Basilisk

Perverse Osmosis Basilisk TapestryWelcome player characters. You are about to begin PO1: The Vale of the Basilisk, a choose-your-own-adventure web album. Within this module, you will find treasure, fight monsters, save princesses, and gain glory. The majority of the rooms have songs attached with them, allowing you to listen to the adventure as you read the text. Lyrics for the songs have also been included; they will often give hints about the rooms and monsters, so read and listen carefully.

At the bottom of each page, you will find links to the next room or encounter. Choose wisely since there are few ways to defeat the basilisk but many ways to be killed in the dungeon.

You will also find a tab at the top of the page that allows you to shift between the shorter narrative of the module and the longer novelization of the module.

So grab your swords, ready your spells, prepare your lockpicks, and get ready to explore The Vale of the Basilisk.