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Pay Attention

Hey! This page is only for those listening to the CD version of Vale of the Basilisk, which is weird because there isn’t a CD, and this page isn’t on it. You’ve clearly somehow cheated your way here or didn’t want to help the Baron. What is wrong with you? What kind of adventurer doesn’t help a Baron? Well, by now you’ve heard the song. Shame on you.

You should go back one page and start the module over again. Either that or start running a campaign of your own. Preferably one that includes the Slave Lord series and ends up with Queen of the Demonweb Pits.

Can't tell what mode you're playing in!
      Pay Attention

Sing Along!

Hey there, listener, pay more attention!
Our new record is a choose your own adventure.
Make the choice, skip ahead -- find out if you're alive or dead.
For each song, do the same: trying for glory, searching for fame.
You might live and be rewarded;
you might die and start it over.