Perverse Osmosis Only You Can Prevent Your Death - Perverse Osmosis

Only You Can Prevent Your Death

Owl! Bear! Owlbear!The stink from the cave is overwhelming as you stop the party.

“Only one beast has such a foul stench: the owlbear. If all goes as planned, we four should handle this monstrosity. If not, get the healing spells ready.”

No one ever accused you of being rash. One of the reasons you advanced quickly as a ranger was prudence. Plan, review, attack had gotten you this far and now was not the time to change.

“Now,” you scream, moving through the bones and clothing scattered on the cave floor. You hear the dwarf yell and know that the battle has been joined. You watch as the owlbear tries to hug and rend Dorengar, who rolls away from the beast but takes a stunning blow to his head.

As you see the dwarf go down, you attack, sliding the blade into the owlbear’s shoulder. But you also feel the unnerving sensation of your own blood being split, as the monster bites you. Yanking your arm out of the owlbear’s mouth, you re-establish your battle position in time to see the paladin attack the blind spot on the owlbear’s neck.

You recover enough of your wits to see that Rodericke had deeply wounded the owlbear. You drive your sword directly into the owlbear’s red-rimmed eye. There is a distinct popping sound as the blade punctures the orb.


The cave divides into two different tunnels.

Peering down the tunnel to the left, you see twinkling lightsdapplingthe stone walls. And a single butterfly flutters towards you from the light and disappears over your head.

From the tunnel to the right come sounds of clanging and the indistinct noises of a small group gathering.

Do you go left or right?


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      Only You Can Prevent Your Death

Sing Along!

An insane wizard's genetic experiment
results in this confused monstrosity
Partially owl and partially bear
all combine for devastating atrocities

Ravenous eater, aggressive hunter, evil-tempered
Mixed up creature, sight attacker, til-death fighter

With two great horns and a snapping beak
its hugs cause many a party's demise
Brown-black fur and yellow feathers,
gleaming red-rimmed evil eyes


Subterranean terrors in deep, dank caves
stench alone takes away your breath
Let the smell be a hint for survival
only you can prevent your death


Owlbear! Owlbear! Owlbear! Owlbear!