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Skeleton Dinner Party

skeletondinnerpartyDorengar and Rordricke take their usual positions at the front of the party; you and the barbarian follow them, with the barbarian’s slender form off setting your bulky figure. You watch as the Halfling thief picks the lock and you storm the room, mace in hand.

In front of you are eight elegantly dressed skeletons sitting around a dinner table, mechanically raising goblets and drinking. You watch as the wine spills out of fleshless faces and onto the floor. Some kind of meat goes into their mouths and then falls back upon their plates.

You move to the front, holding a golden sickle and wreath, the icons of Lady Wenta, Goddess of the Harvest. “Go no further. Your time here is passed; return to the dust,” you command. The skeletons look back with blank eyes. “Stay where you are. Lady Wenta will reward you with rest,” you continue, feeling the power move through you and gather at the sickle.

The pause in the combat is all that Dorengar the dwarf needs. He pulls his vial of oil and throws it at the candles burning on the table. The flask breaks on contact, spreading oil in all directions. The candles tip over, starting a fire. Taking another step forward, you continue to hold the skeletons.One steps backwards, directly into the oil. The other skeleton stares at you, unable to move, unable to flee.


The room is a dead end, but there are two closed doors on either side of the far wall:

From behind the first door on the left you hear the sounds of arollickingdance party.

From behind the second door on the right you hear the sound of yelping and scuttling.

Do you choose to enter the door on the left or the door on the right?


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      Skeleton Dinner Party

Sing Along!

I don't know how they ate so much -- they haven't got any guts
All the food shoved in their face falls right back onto their plates
Dressed in elegant finery just like on a tour of a winery
When they started to attack us, they very smartly removed their jackets

Forever eating, forever guarding
Forever wining, forever dining
Skeleton! Dinner! Party!

Edged weapons are no defense against their enchanted condiments
First the cleric rolled to turn them, then the dwarf rolled to burn them
Barbarian smashed two with his club; drove their faces into their grub
We ended their reanimation with our trail of annihilation

Forever eating, forever guarding
Forever wining, forever dining
Skeleton! Dinner! Party!

We smashed all that we were able -- put their elbows on the table
Used the wrong knife and fork -- I'm not some cultured cavalier dork
Spilled the gravy and broke a dish -- These skeletons are gonna wish
That their seats had been taken and they'd cancelled their dinner reservations.

They're no longer eating, no longer guarding
No longer wining, no longer dining
No more skeleton dinner party!