Perverse Osmosis Bugbear Chieftain - Perverse Osmosis

Bugbear Chieftain

Bugbear2 You can hear some muffled roaring and a humanoid voice screaming, “I am Nilrawk, the nightmare bringer, and I count this as the toll of doom” right before the paladin and dwarf kick the door open. In front of you are more bugbears than you can count. Before you can get off your first crossbow bolt, you hear the magic user chanting and then watch as the usual scurry of bugbears slows considerably.

You quickly dispatch three of the slowed humanoids with your bolts, their clumsy movements offering little sport. Towards the back of the room, you see two other figures; in two more shots, two more bugbears fall to the ground.

You watch as the barbarian jumps out of the shadows and onto the back of what looks to be the bugbear chieftain, if his fancy furs are any indication. The barbarian stabs the bugbear once, and both go down in a heap. You wait for the bugbear to free himself from the barbarian, inhale, hold for a count like your master assassin taught you, and pull the crossbow’s trigger. The bolt flies true, hitting the bugbear chieftain high in the back, dropping him to his knees. Even for a half-orc assassin, you think to yourself, that was some mighty fine shooting.


After looting the bugbears’ cave you find a locked door, low to the ground.

Do you choose to crawl into the door or continue down the hallway?

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      Bugbear Chieftain

Sing Along!

Got the furs, got the cave
Got the treasure from the last raid
AC 3, don't mess with me
I'll go on a bugbear killing spree

Bugbear Chieftain -- Armor made of human skulls
Bugbear Chieftain -- Drinking blood out of a bowl
Bugbear Chieftain -- When he's around, you'll be warned
Bugbear Chieftain -- Prepare to face a hairy swarm

24 or more, move to guard the door
Entering the cave was an act of war
Grab your club, grab your axe
Everyone make sure to get your hacks


Some were stunned, some were slowed
Some were killed by their magic crossbows
I lead the last wave, another bad choice I made
My boasting is what got me slayed