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Bugbear Chieftain

Bugbear2Nilrawk felt satisfied. It was not every bugbear chieftain who managed to consistently lead raids that got results. Even if it was a couple dirty furs or six copper pieces, it was always something; that something kept him in good favor with most of the rest of the bugbear tribe. His rule was never absolute, but he had the biggest cave and the best armor, which, to Nilrawk, meant even more.

Nilrawk’s caravan of thought was interrupted by the smashing open of a door. Before him stood Biwgdek, Nilrawk’s youngest sub-chieftain, a look of terror on his face. Biwgdedk voice was unsteady, “Nilrawk, we need you now. The cave’s been attacked.” A look of anger appeared on Nilrawk’s face.

“They dare invade. On whose ground do they think they tread? On whose land do they sneak? Can their minds comprehend the sheer ferocity they are about to unleash. I am Nilrawk, the nightmare bringer, and I count this as the toll of doom.” Nilrawk swung his axe and hit the stone floor.

“Fellow raiders,” Nilrawk yelled, “It is time to defend what is ours and by the laws of nature will stay ours. Grab your clubs, grab your axes, grab your swords and your shields, we live to kill.” He let loose the primal cry of Hruggek, the bugbear god of violence. Its shriek echoed through the cave. Hoisting his axe, Nilrawk ran towards the open door. Behind him followed a mob.

Nilrawk dove out of the way as an incoming crossbow bolt grazed his leg. He hit the ground and quickly looked for cover. In front of him were several wounded guards, a turned-over table, and a group of invaders. Nilrawk crawled towards the table as the rest of the bugbears entered the cave. He also saw some of the group begin to shuffle and slow down; their usually stealthy movement clumsy and awkward. He didn’t have much time to think about what was going on with his troops. All three of the slowed bugbears had been shot and killed by crossbow bolts; crossbow bolts like the one that almost killed him.

Nilrawk then saw two bolts of light fly out of the darkness and hit another of his raiders. There was a sharp yell, followed by furious cursing. Nilrawk began to move towards the source of the magic. If he could take out the magic-user, it might give his troops enough time to rally and drive these invaders out. He scurried under the table and crawled along the wall, trusting in his natural stealth.

By the time Nilrawk made it five strides, he saw four more of his companions go down, victims of a sneak attack by a dirty dwarf and a human knight. The dwarf stabbed the bugbears in the thighs and legs as the human attacked from above. It was not glamorous but efficient. The crossbow twanged two more times, and two more bugbears fell to the ground. Nilrawk could take no more. He exploded from his crouch and ran towards the human.

Nilrawk felt a sharp pain in his side; his peripheral vision saw a leather-clad, long-haired human grinning. He stumbled under the weight of the barbarian, who stabbed Nilrawk again in the back. They both crashed to the ground. Nilrawk felt the barbarian lose his grip in the fall. In a moment, Nilrawk was scrambling away from Imlari and towards cover.

The half-orc waited until the bugbear freed himself from the barbarian. Drogan inhaled, held for a count like his master assassin had taught him, and pulled the crossbow’s trigger. He saw the bolt fly true; its whizzing audible in the cave. It hit the bugbear chieftain high in the back, dropping him to his knees. Drogan was already in the process of reloading when an arrow struck the bugbear’s neck.

Drogan finished reloading, stepped from behind the false rock he had constructed out of cloaks and boxes, and went down to loot some already cooling bugbear bodies.


After looting the bugbears’ cave you find a locked door, low to the ground.

Do you choose tocrawlinto the door or continuedown the hallway?


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      Bugbear Chieftain

Sing Along!

Got the furs, got the cave
Got the treasure from the last raid
AC 3, don't mess with me
I'll go on a bugbear killing spree

Bugbear Chieftain -- Armor made of human skulls
Bugbear Chieftain -- Drinking blood out of a bowl
Bugbear Chieftain -- When he's around, you'll be warned
Bugbear Chieftain -- Prepare to face a hairy swarm

24 or more, move to guard the door
Entering the cave was an act of war
Grab your club, grab your axe
Everyone make sure to get your hacks


Some were stunned, some were slowed
Some were killed by their magic crossbows
I lead the last wave, another bad choice I made
My boasting is what got me slayed