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Mistress Mindflayer

mistressmindflayerIn front of you, chained to a pillar, is a haggard-looking, bearded man. Surrounding him are velvet couches, opulent blankets, and chests filled with rich leather clothing. The cleric goes over to the man, briefly inspects him, and gestures for you to help lower the man to the ground. The cleric begins her ritualistic chant to start cure light wounds.

You finger the finery and look through the chests, finding leather masks, gloves, and what look like some sort of trousers with the back missing. The cleric finishes her spell and is rewarded with a groan, indicating that some life is still in this chained man.

Over the course of the next two turns, you learn all sorts of interesting things. The person you have rescued is a name-level druid from somewhere up by the North Kingdom. He claims he hired a companion for a little mature entertainment and was brought to the dungeon willingly. None of this is too surprising to you; you, like many adventurers, have bought a wench or two in your time. But the part that does surprise you: this druid’s companion was a mindflayer. What is even more surprising is he says he would hire her again.

Yup, you say to yourself, this is going to be an interesting adventure.


Ahead, the tunnel splits:

From the left you hear someone playing “The Wedding March” on an old church organ.

To the right the walls are covered with dripping purple slime that stinks like rotten fish.

Do your turn left or right?

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      Mistress Mindflayer

Sing Along!

Inter membranous, pleasure past sensuous
Situation's tenuous as she literally blows my mind
Take the pill to improve iron will
Probing my brain as I call out her name

Mistress, Mistress Mindflayer
Mistress, Mistress Mindflayer

Tickles the spine as she devours the mind!

Caressing all my lobes, ganglia on overload
I switch psychic defense modes to keep myself alive
Fighting the touch that touches too much
Shielding my mind, I'm damn glad to find

Mistress, Mistress Mindlayer
Mistress, Mistress Mindflayer

For 500 gps you'll be on your knees!