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Mistress Mindflayer

mistressmindflayerIt seemed like such a good setup. Here I am, a name-level druid, complete with all the spells and powers that a name-level druid has: I can turn into pretty much any woodland creature, I can charm any critter I see in the forest, I can pass without trace almost anywhere. I know a bunch of spells and some of them are offensive.I have psionic abilities, iron willanddetect magicare at my mental command. I have dealt with slaads, elementals, and a brass dragon. I havetraveledmost of the World of Greyhawk; by the Nine Hells, I eventraveledto Iuz once. I broke bread with the elves in Vesve Forest and burrowed with the deep gnomes in the Iron Hills. Yet, despite all of this, I find myself chained to a stone wall, willing slave to Mistress Mindflayer, the Dungeon Dominatrix.

It was in the Kaport Bay that I found the ad, written underneath some discussion of North Kingdom politics and the local shipping reports. It read, “Are you in search of sensual new places? Are you sick of the usual relationships? Do you want to experiment? If so, contact MM, care of The Gilded Unicorn.” The ad then gave the address of the bar. It had been some time since I had a truly unusual experience; one of neutrality’s downsides is that one becomes immune to highs and lows, seeing them all as part of nature’s plan. I walked over to the Gilded Unicorn, little knowing that I was also walking towards near cosmic annihilation.

In a matter of a week, I received a response to the inquiry I left at the Unicorn. It was written in elegant pen on velum. It simply read, “Meet me behind the wharf at dusk next Waterday. Bring 500 gps.” Sure, the price seemed a little high, but, as I mentioned earlier, I had spent quite a bit of time adventuring as a younger man and had the money. I spent the next four days fasting and preparing myself for the rendezvous; I distilled some roots, making myself a tincture that could improve my already formidable psionic defenses. I may be a druid who looks for new experiences, but I am also a druid who has learned the lessons of preparation.

I got to the wharf as the light was fading into the west. There was no one around except for a couple of watchmen and some rats. I briefly engaged the rats in some general conversation to pass the time. I heard the sounds of boots behind me and turned around. In front of me stood a tall, slender figure, its face obscured, clad in a purple robe.

“Are you MM?” I asked.

“I am. Before we go any farther, do you have the gold?” The voice had a slight accent, an almost serpentine lilt in the voice.

I opened my purse to show the figure the gold.

“Follow me,” said the voice, and the figure turned towards one of the buildings that dominated the docks in Kaport Bay. I followed at a discrete distance. The figure opened a hidden door in the side of one of the buildings and stepped inside. Casting a quick look around, I entered. In front of me there were two beautiful chairs, a velvet-sheeted bed, some burning, pleasant-smelling candles, and a cage with manacles attached to it. The figure stood in front of the bed, staring at me and waiting.

“Drop the money on the table,” the voice commanded, “Then drop to your knees.” There was something in the voice that made me want to obey immediately. I put the purse on the table and then fell to my knees. The figure towered over me. It pulled back the robe enough to let a leather boot show. The figure continued, “Now, kiss the boot.” I again felt as if my will power was being sapped as I pushed my lips to the clean, crisp boot leather.

What happened next is a collection of half-remembered fantasies and partially forgotten nightmares. I remember being placed in the manacles, loving the feeling of the iron as it encircled my wrists. I have a distinct memory of the figure dropping the hood and revealing the enormous eyes and flailing tentacles of a mind flayer. At some point, she began to caress my temples, moving her tentacles in circles, slowly going faster and faster. I also have a vague recollection of swallowing my improved iron will tablet as things were getting moderately experimental.

But what I don’t remember is how I ended up in this cave. I am not sure how long I have been prisoner here, but it has been a while. Some of the insects that I have talked to have been useful; I know that I am in the Kron Hills and that there is a party of adventurers somewhere in the cave complex. I know that Mistress Mindflayer is not in the room with me right now; I last saw her a few hours ago when she briefly tickled my cerebellum and then vanished. I know that if I wait long enough, the party will find and free me. I also know that if MM comes back, I will be on my knees once again.


Ahead, the tunnel splits:

From the left you hear someone playing “The Wedding March” on an old church organ.

To the right the walls are covered with dripping purple slime that stinks like rotten fish.

Do your turnleftorright?

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      Mistress Mindflayer

Sing Along!

Inter membranous, pleasure past sensuous
Situation's tenuous as she literally blows my mind
Take the pill to improve iron will
Probing my brain as I call out her name

Mistress, Mistress Mindflayer
Mistress, Mistress Mindflayer

Tickles the spine as she devours the mind!

Caressing all my lobes, ganglia on overload
I switch psychic defense modes to keep myself alive
Fighting the touch that touches too much
Shielding my mind, I'm damn glad to find

Mistress, Mistress Mindlayer
Mistress, Mistress Mindflayer

For 500 gps you'll be on your knees!