Perverse Osmosis In the Mouth of the Mouther - Perverse Osmosis

In the Mouth of the Mouther


In place of the Gobliminator, you grasp your stained but effective battle hammer as you walk towards the lump that is ten paces in front of you. As you get closer, you hear a faint spitting sound and then see a blinding light as the spittle collides with your armor. Unable to see, you take a couple steps and hear a high-pitched keening that mixes the worst parts of a lunatic’s laughter and a baby’s crying.

You watch as the paladin begins to walk around in circles and the cleric stands motionless. The ranger begins to run towards you, but as you watch, the floor begins to turn into a soupy mess. You see stringy mouths come out of the mound , biting and tripping Jindar, covering him.

As you struggle to move, the unlikely combination of the barbarian and the thief save the ranger from certain death. Imlari jumps over the soupy ground, landing directly on top of the mouther, hacking furiously. The halfling hurls himself at the enveloped ranger, hoping to break the mouther’s grip. You hear the ranger cry as he is smashed into, but also several popping sounds as the mouther’s pseudopods snap. The halfling and the ranger roll on to the floor and out of danger. You watch as the enraged barbarian drives his sword again and again into the fleshy body of the mouther.


Behind the mouther are two ornate doors:

Rune-covered papers are tacked to the door on the left.

A fragrant smoke drifts beneath the door on the right.

Do you enter the door on the left or the door on the right?

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      In the Mouth of the Mouther

Sing Along!

The lump of earthy material, not what it looked to be
With multiple eyes to see
Always ready to feast and feed, animal or vegetable
it's reprehensible
Spit, babble, and confusion make up its special attacks
Standard form is what it lacks

Gibbering, gibbering, gibbering
Sends the soul a shivering
Mouther, mouther, endlessly devouring
Gibbering, gibbering, gibbering
Sends the bravest scurrying
Mouther, mouther, tirelessly babbling

Blinding spittle is one such plan, six mouths each trying to bite
Saving throw the only way to fight
Transmutes the ground around its form, moves quickly through the mire
Consuming life is its desire
Insane noises distort the mind, don't know what direction to go
Stumble into its viscous flow

Gibbering, gibbering, gibbering
Jellied flesh all quivering
Mouther, mouther, fighting and confusing
Gibbering, gibbering, gibbering
Gelatinous obliterating
Mouther, mouther, mouther, mouther
Into the mouther's mouth!