Perverse Osmosis You've Been Mimicked - Perverse Osmosis

You’ve Been Mimicked

You've Been MimickedYou peer into the dark room, moving slightly ahead of the party once it looks safe enough. The cave is good sized and there appears to be a pedestal with something on it in the center of the room. “Well,” you tell yourself, “this is what the party brought me along for,” and walk towards it. As you get closer, you can make out some details: the pedestal is stone; on it rests a golden bowl. You make a quick hand gesture to the ranger and the magic-user and begin to examine the pedestal.

You are running your halfling fingers across the bowl when it suddenly turns into what looks like a mouth. Before you can pull your hand away, the mouth bites down, you feel teeth break into your skin. As you struggle to pull away, the pedestal suddenly grows a fist and punches you in the stomach. The air rushes out of your lungs. You try catching your breath, but the pedestal is now engulfing you, preventing you from breathing. You try to free your hands to grab your dagger, but the combination of the engulfing flesh and the sticky substance that it is emitting hold you fast. You still can’t catch your breath as your vision darkens.


When you wake up, you realize that your companions have saved you from the gluey grasp of the mimic. Peering down the cave system, you notice that the hall branches two way.

To the right, you hear the sounds of water dripping and the squeak of bats.

To the left, you can fairly hear the sounds of wings flapping.

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      You've Been Mimicked

Sing Along!

I might look (you've been mimicked)
Like a dungeon door (you've been mimicked)
If that doesn't work (you've been mimicked)
I'll turn into the floor (you've been mimicked)
I might look (you've been mimicked)
Like a treasure chest (you've been mimicked)
Torchlight's when (you've been mimicked)
My disguise works the best (you've been mimicked)

All my enemies -- players, monsters, NPCs
now forever part of me, trapped by my gluey grasp
Now you're held fast because of your vast
greed and need, now I'll feed
forever dissolving, forever evolving
into me, it's mimicry!

I might look (you've been mimicked)
Like a golden bowl (you've been mimicked)
You try to steal me (you've been mimicked)
But I won't let go (you've been mimicked)

[pit break]

I might look (you've been mimicked)
Like a shiny silver wand (you've been mimicked)
But the only magic here (you've been mimicked)
Is my sticky, sticky bond! (you've been mimicked)