Perverse Osmosis Ghoul-Ghast Go-Go Party - Perverse Osmosis

Ghoul-Ghast Go-Go Party

GhastAhead of you in semi-darkness, you can make out a door and, strangely, the sound of music. You wait and watch the halfling pick the lock and push the door open. You have seen some strange things on this adventure, but what lies before you is weird even for this cave system: six or seven dancing ghouls, seemingly animated by the sounds of what only can be described as a mechanized tomb slowly driving the circumference of the room.

You watch as the thief begins to walk toward the ghouls, apparently unconcerned. He grabs one of them by the hand, and they begin to dance. His leather armor and her shabby dress twirl across the floor. You begin to move into the cave as the halfling prepares to dip his partner — you begin to run as you watch the ghoul bite him. Drawing your sword and crying the battle cry of St. Cuthbert, you charge at the couple. You aim a quick strike at the ghoul’s back and watch as the blade finds its mark. The undead dancer drops the thief, trying to free herself. You put your mailed foot on her back and push, dislodging her from your blade. Behind you, you hear the sounds of combat and know that the rest of the party has joined the battle.


After the battle, the party sees two rooms ahead:

The room on the left is pitch black.

The room on the right is entirely obscured by thick clouds of indolent smoke.

Do you enter the room on the left or the room on the right?


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      Ghoul-Ghast Go-Go Party

Sing Along!

I was listening at the door, heard a distant mighty roar
Picked the lock and went on in
Dancing on the floor there were six or seven more
Dropped my blade and went on in to the

Ghoul, ghast go-go party
At the ghoul, ghast go-go party

Circling round the room in a mechanized tomb
I saw the source of the sound
Vampire babes with their undead slaves
They grabbed my hand and begin to dance around at the

Ghoul, ghast go-go party
Hey! You monsters aren't so bad!
It's a ghoul, ghast go-go party
There's no reason to be sad!

Next thing I knew, there was nothing I could do
As they begin to eat my skin
Forever dancing, eternally entrancing
This is one dance contest where losing wins

It's a ghoul, ghast go-go party
Hey! You monsters aren't so bad!
It's a ghoul, ghast go-go party
Ghoul, ghast!