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Ghoul Ghast Go-Go Party

Ghast“By the Nine Hells, it had been quite an adventure so far,” thought Liligar, as he paced behind the half-orc. He ran through the list: he had been partially eaten by a mimic, saved a ranger from a gelatinous cube, and broke up a skeleton dinner party. He probably had close to a thousand gold pieces in his purse, plus a couple gems he pocketed during the Wand of Wonder fiasco. He was glad that the party had rescued the druid a couple caves back, a druid who turned out to have some serious healing powers. In all, he was happy, even for a halfling.

The party slowed to a stop. Directly ahead in marching order, the cleric held up her hand. “Liligar, come up here. Dorengar has found another door.” The thief ducked under the arms of the barbarian and the paladin and looked ahead. He could see the dwarf, waving him forward. Liligar found himself looking at a solid wooded door with a thick metal lock. With an air of confidence, the halfling said, “Stand back, my dwarven friend. We will be inside in no time.”

Liligar put his head against door and listened. In the distance he could hear a faint roar and a distant murmuring. Neither were audible enough to place, but there were certainly two distinct sounds. The thief put his hands underneath his cloak and brought out his well-used leather Thieves’ tool kit. He quickly selected a thin piece of metal, returned the kit back under his cloak and began to insert the shim into the lock. Three, four, five times the halfling deftly jiggled the metal, and on the sixth time, he was rewarded. He caught the locking mechanism, pushed it forward, and opened the lock.

But the halfling was surprised that the door opened as well; the door was only held against the frame by the force of the lock. The halfling shot a quick glance back to the party and went inside. Before was an unusual sight, even for an already unusual adventure: six or seven dancing ghouls, seemingly animated by the sounds of what only can be described as a mechanized tomb that slowly drove around the circumference of the room.

The halfling shook his head, trying to clear his vision. But he still saw the shapely figures swaying to the eerie but captivating music. He took two more steps into the room to get a closer look and one of the dancers looked up at him. Liligar felt her eyes on his. There was a brief, intense stare, and the dancer started to move towards him. She was dressed in graveyard chic: tattered but flattering dress that hung off the shoulder; dark hair with an elegant gem cornet; tasteful but outmodeled shoes. She stood in front of the thief and held out her hand. He grabbed it and followed her out to the dance floor.

Hand in hand, the ghoul and the halfling danced. The haunting music of the mechanized organ provided the melody, and the ghastly pounding of drums the rhythm. Feet pounced and padded as the pair glided around the room. The halfling needed all his dexterity to keep up with the whirling ghoul; the two figures moved as one in intricate patterns of dizzying geometries. Liligar was amazed at his ability and that of his partner. He brought her in close on a pass, hoping to reverse and dip his new-found companion. That is when the ghoul bit him.

She caught the charmed halfling’s arm in her teeth and pulled. Flesh gave way under the dirty teeth of the undead. Still the couple danced on, the halfling too enraptured to notice his attack. The ghoul bit again; this time aiming for the thief’s neck but only catching his shoulder. Teeth again met flesh, and blood began to darken Liligar’s tunic. He spun one more time, and the ghoul led him into a dip. The halfling fell back, his white neck exposed.


After the battle, the party sees two rooms ahead:

The room on the left is pitch black.

The room on the right is entirely obscured by thick clouds of indolent smoke.

Do you enter the room on theleftor the room on theright?


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      Ghoul Ghast Go-Go Party

Sing Along!

I was listening at the door, heard a distant mighty roar
Picked the lock and went on in
Dancing on the floor there were six or seven more
Dropped my blade and went on in to the

Ghoul, ghast go-go party
At the ghoul, ghast go-go party

Circling round the room in a mechanized tomb
I saw the source of the sound
Vampire babes with their undead slaves
They grabbed my hand and begin to dance around at the

Ghoul, ghast go-go party
Hey! You monsters aren't so bad!
It's a ghoul, ghast go-go party
There's no reason to be sad!

Next thing I knew, there was nothing I could do
As they begin to eat my skin
Forever dancing, eternally entrancing
This is one dance contest where losing wins

It's a ghoul, ghast go-go party
Hey! You monsters aren't so bad!
It's a ghoul, ghast go-go party
Ghoul, ghast!