Perverse Osmosis Phase Spider - Perverse Osmosis

Phase Spider

PhaseYou notice the cleric and ranger have stopped walking. You quickly cock back your crossbow and see the cause of the interruption: overhead are giant spiderwebs. The silence is broken as the ranger yells out, dodging a spider’s attack; you and the party look around to spot where the arachnid came from. Seeing nothing, you are surprised when the spider reappears to bite the ranger, dropping him to his knees. You move to attack, but the spider is again gone. A segment later, Liligar yells and also drops to the ground. You start to get nervous; it is hard to fight something that can’t be seen.

The druid begins chanting in this high-pitch language that you can’t understand. It goes on for a couple rounds, then stops. The druid waves you over. “Drogan,” he whispers, “it is a good thing we are here. Our phase spider brother has lost his mind because of too many phase shifts. He can no longer stop his phasing. We must end his misery and pain.”

You hear the magic-user start some kind of chant as well. You look back at the druid who draws a knotted club from under his cloak. There is a gleam of brilliant light, and then you see the spider, held by the phase door spell. Crandorth brings the club high over his head and hits the spider perfectly, spider blood showering the druid as he smashes the club down again.


Shaking off the remnants of spider blood and guts, you notice again that the path has split in two.

Looking down the passage way on the left you see torch light and hear a large group of men singing and cheering in apparent drunken merriment.

Looking down the passage on the right you see anominousred glow and smell noxious fumes.

Do you choose to travel down the passage to the left or the passage to the right?


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      Phase Spider

Sing Along!

Saw the webs, knew it was a spider
Had no idea it was a two-plane slider
Spotted it, then it was disappeared
Attacked again, this time from the rear

Had no idea how it was happening
But we knew that we were suffering
No way out of this insanity
Except for sheer brutality

Phase spider out of time
Phase spider lost his mind
Phase spider on the Ethereal plane
Phase spider half insane

In and out of the material plane
Forced a spider to lose his brain
No idea of his identity
Caught between here and eternity

Phase door kept it in its place
Saw the look on its ugly face
Crazed eyes staring back at me
Kill me now was their piteous plea


[spider solo]