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Circle Pit Trap

PittrapDorengar heard the pit trap first, a heartbeat before the dungeon floor opened beneath him. He cursed himself as he fell: why hadn’t he listened to the voice of Glendrun Ebonhammer, the voice that had been trying to remind him about always prodding ahead when adventuring? Dorengar thought briefly about getting out his five foot pole after their encounter with the phase spider, but argued himself out of it. His logic ran something like this: why would there be a spider trap and a pit trap so close to each other? If the spider is doing its job, there shouldn’t be many victims for the pit.

Durengar’s recollections shattered when he landed in the bottom of the trap. All around him were bones of various sizes and races; he could make out a hobgoblin skull and what looked like a human still wearing chain mail. The dwarf felt a kick in his back, followed by “By St. Cuthbert’s Mace, that hurts.” The surprised face of Rodericke rose out of the pile of bones and the paladin seemed uninjured by the fall.

“What sort of mind puts a pit trap here? This is not an efficient use of a trap.” The paladin continued, “This is poor tactical planning. I will admit it has served its purpose however.” Rodericke looked down sheepishly.

“No use worrying now. We wait for a rope, we climb out, and by Abbathor’s mirthless laugh, we keep marching through this dungeon.” Dorengar looked up and saw Karyn and the magic-user looking down at them. They began to lower a rope; the dwarf waited patiently as the rope descended. Once it got down far enough, Dorengar wrapped the rope once around his waist, knotted it, ran it through his hands, and started to climb.

The walls of the pit were slick, but the experienced fighter easily crawled up and out of the hole. He saw that the party had decided to rest in the area immediately proceeding the pit. The barbarian had already started a small, easily controllable fire, someone was preparing holly berry tea, and the thief was unrolling his bedding. Turning to the cleric, Dorengar asked, “Why are staying here? Dumathoin knows this is an odd place to roll out our beds.”

“Perhaps reconsider, my dwarven ally. Think about our position. In front of us, an open pit. No enemy can come that way. Tomorrow when we are rested, we move the planks that we saw back in the spider’s liar over the pit and continue on.” The cleric paused and then spoke again, “In back of us, we have a room that we know is secure, Lady Westra be praised. And, adding to our advantage, there are still spider webs, so it looks like the area is inhabited. The passage bends enough to hide the light of our fire. No Dorengar, this may be an odd place, but it is also a wise place.”

Rodericke waited patiently for the rope to come down and as he did, his mind drifted. The idea of armor went through the paladin’s mind and what his next armor would be. Right now, he had a pretty nice set of banded mail; St. Cuthbert knows that it saved his life more than one time. But he also knew that after this adventure was over, he was going to be able to buy himself plate mail. He would have the gold; his share of the manticore gems alone could pay for it. He might even have a little left over to get the insignia of St. Cuthbert gilded on. Not that he cared for material things, but the armor would be nice. Plus he would be an even more effective fighter in plate, and he could bring even more zealous glory to the righteous cause of St. Cuthbert.

The dwarf started to unknot the rope when the cleric stopped him. “Wait friend dwarf. Another thing that makes this a good place to camp is who is in the pit trap. No harm will come to him, and we can all have a relaxing meal.” Dorengar shrugged his shoulders and dropped the rope. He did like the paladin in a way, but he also thought the idea of enjoying a stein of mead without his disapproving looks was even better.


After escaping the pit trap, the party continues down the hall; several of you notice a faint hint of sea salt in the the air, while others hear the sounds of waves and laughter.

Simultaneously, others notice a vaguely familiar scented smokewaftingtowards the party from the opposite direction.

Do you follow the smell of theseaor thesmoke?


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      Circle Pit Trap

Sing Along!

Should have used a ten foot pole
Now you're falling in a ten foot hole
Shouldn't have rolled a four or five
First two members take a dive

Circle Pit Trap, wall of stone
Circle Pit trap, filled with bone
Circle Pit Trap, scream and shout
Circle Pit Trap, no way out

Shouldn't have worn banded plate
Heavy armor seals your fate
Invisible servant or Tensor's Disc
Maybe even use a wish


Shouldn't have left them in the pit
But the party had to split
Iron rations and a keg of beer
Hope there are no monsters near