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A Love Unseen

StalkerThe invisible stalker had been following the party since it had been summoned two weeks before by a magic-user who also was adventuring in the dungeon; when it had finished its mission–a relatively easy one involving the acquisition of some rare cave fish–the stalker decided to spend a little time on the material plane, enjoying the sights and sounds of non-elemental plane living. But the stalker had not expected to fall in love during this vacation.

It first saw the half-elf magician during an earlier battle. The stalker was immediately struck by both the elf’s beauty and her style. Separately, the stalker felt that it could have resisted her charms. But the beauty and the grace together was too much to overcome. It waited to see the results of the battle; when it became obvious that the party would not be killed, it waited outside of the cave to see where they would go next. And the invisible stalker had been following ever since.

On more than one occasion during the party’s adventure through the cave and dungeon system, the invisible stalker had slipped into camp and settled down next to Treilor’s bedroll. It made sure that it avoided any of the usual detection traps or schemes, and it never made any move towards the half-elf. It was satisfied with being close to the magician. It could smell her hair, it could hear her laugh, and it could see the gold tints in her hair. The stalker had taken to leaving small stone cairns in the shapes of hearts at the head of Treilor’s bed, but it never knew if she ever noticed.

The invisible stalker knew that there was no real future in its relationship with the half-elf. What possibly could an invisible being offer a lovely magic-user? Yes, it would gladly perform any tasks that a usual invisible stalker would do, but that didn’t matter. It wanted Treilor to see it as more than the wind in the cavern or the brief glimpse out of the corner of the eye. It wanted her to see it as a capable protector and an intellectual confidant. The stalker could make them a safe outpost on the Ethereal plane where Treilor could spend her time working on wizard spells and it could spend its time gathering the many materials needed for advanced magical feats. They would be a perfect couple. But it was obviously not to be. The half-elf would never see the invisible stalker in the same way that it saw her. But this did not keep the stalker from following the party. It was holding out hope that there might be some way to earn her trust, to show that it was more than simply a stalker from another plane.

The invisible stalker caught the smell of the ogres first; ogres who been alerted to the party’s wanderings by one of the escaping bugbears and had set out to ambush the party. They were lying in wait in behind a series of tumbled boulders and had balanced two more boulders out of view so when the party entered the room, the ogres could roll the boulders and the party’s escape route would be cut off. The invisible stalker moved in behind the group of large humanoids and counted somewhere between a half dozen to ten of them.

As the first two members of the party entered the cave, the ogres dropped behind the boulders, quietly waiting. Equally as quietly, the invisible stalker moved close to the back of the largest ogre. It could see the dirt and grime on his back underneath the leather armor. In a few heartbeats, the rest of the party walked into the trap. Two of the ogres pushed the rocks down as the barbarian warily entered the cave; the stalker also used their attack to spring the trap of its own.

It drove its claws directly into the open space in the ogre’s armor, drawing a scream from the humanoid. It whirled around to see its attacker and was surprised when he saw nothing. The stalker struck again; this time ripping a long wound in the ogre’s face. The ogre swung his club wildly in hopes of hitting his invisible attacker. The stalker moved slightly and lashed out with its sharp claws. The ogre fell with gouts of blood spurting from his neck.

The stalker looked around to make sure that Treilor remained unhurt. He saw that two of the ogres were battling hand to hand with the paladin and the ranger. The dwarf fighter had already hamstrung one of the near giants and was fighting another. In one corner, the cleric and Imlari formed a barrier around the magic-user, who was in the process of casting a spell. The invisible stalker could see her slender hands in motion.

The stalker quickly moved towards the remaining ogres, confident in its invisibility. But then it realized that, while it had surveyed the battlefield, the stone floor underneath its feet had turned viscous. It had taken three steps, leaving near-perfect footprints in the mud. The stalker stopped and prepared to shift into the ethereal plane. It was at this moment that Drogan fired his crossbow.

The assassin had been following the stalker since its second trip into the campsite. He noticed the stone hearts around Treilor’s head; he noticed the concealed bodies of two drow the stalker had killed;he noticed the attack on the first ogre. He told the magic-user his plan immediately after the ogres attacked. Once transmute rock to mud was cast, all he had to do was wait until the footprints stopped, take a breath, and let the crossbow do its work.


After killing the ogres, the thief finds a hidden door with a ladder leading down. A rich smoke billows up from below.

From further down the cave you hear what seems to be the sound of ocean waves.

Do you take the ladder down or moveforwardtowards the sound of the ocean sounds?

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      A Love Unseen

Sing Along!

I leave her my heart in stone, in her room she's not alone
I share her bed, I'm her slave, and when we're dead we'll share a grave
Never hug, never talk, all I do is invisibility stalk

I'm a stalker, stalker, stalker
She's my archer, archer, archer
I'm not a talker, talker, talker
I'm a stalker, stalker, stalker

I've stalked a orc, i've stalked a drow, she's the one I'm stalking now
In the day, in the night, I make sure she's in my sight
Does she know it's her I chose? Invisible heart, invisible woes


When the ten ogres sneak attacked, I stabbed one in its hairy back.
Saw my footprints in the blood, wizard cast stone to mud
My movements now she can trace -- shoots an arrow in my face