Perverse Osmosis Tunnel Full of Purple Worm - Perverse Osmosis

Tunnel Full of Purple Worm


You know that you never should have trusted that woman.

What was she doing this far in the dungeon? Why was she only wearing a chain-mail bikini? Why did we think it was any kind of good idea that we should talk to her?There is a faint shimmering and the next thing you know, you are standing in front of giant, cherry-colored drapes. You can’t tell if you had been teleported or if you are looking at an incredibly complex illusion. You and the party make a quick decision, push aside the cherry drapes, and head inside.

Once you get inside of the tunnel, the earth began to shake and shudder, with dirt falling off the walls. You and the party start running down the tunnel, hoping that the walls would hold. You round a corner and in front of you is the cause of all the earthen contractions: a purple worm.Immediately after drawingyour sword, there is another strong spasm, strong enough to knock you down. There is a loud roar as the tunnel collapses behind you; you are trapped. You see the halfling wiggle his way out from under the rubble, and a quick scan indicates that the rest of the party has survived, but survived for what? To be digested by a purple worm.



The party defeated, the adventure ends.

Try again?

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      Tunnel Full of Purple Worm

Sing Along!

We shouldn't have made those obscene comments
We shouldn't have grabbed our chain-mailed crotches
We should have left the sex suggested
Because we are about to be digested.

Tunnel full of purple, tunnel full of purple worm
Tunnel full of purple, tunnel full of purple worm

Because we all failed to make our saves
We teleported to a mossy cave
We pushed aside the cherry drapes
Slid in the tunnel, sealing our fate.


Tunnel full of purple worm
Listen to the party squirm
Trapped inside the velvet chasm
Victims of the earthen gasm.
Giant head sucked inside
We're going on a tragic ride
Through the swollen flesh
Leading to our final rest.

There nothing to do, it's about to spew
Covering me and you with a super-toxic goo.
Our whitened flesh has a tale to tell:
Don't accost women who reside in Hell.