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Gaze of the Eye Tyrant

Beholder2You use improved spider climbto sneak up to the ceiling, hoping that the party’s plan to have Dorengardrop onto the beholder’s head will work as well as the dwarf and the assassin think it will. Holding your breath in suspense, you watch as the fighter leaps out into the air, his weapon drawn. But before Dorengar can reach the eye tyrant, his descent begins to slow, as does his ax. You then see one of the eye stalks twitch; the magic-user is suddenly jerked from her perch, flying towards the floating beholder. A second stalk flickers, and you are momentarily blinded by a brilliant light. The magic-user explodes, pieces of her clothing flying everywhere.

You and the rest of the party spread out and quickly move back down the cave wall. Another eye stalk moves, and the paladin and the ranger drop their swords and begin pulling off their armor. Dorengar slowly floats down in front of the beholder’s mouth, and you catch a glimpse of the monster’s hideous teeth right before they close on the doughy fighter.

One of the stalks begins to point at you, and before you can duck, it catches your gaze.

The next thing you remember, you are running down the dungeon hall, screaming in terror about an eye tyrant.

Your adventure has ended.

Try again?

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      Gaze of the Eye Tyrant

Sing Along!

Improved Spider Climb, thought we'd drop down from behind
Much to our surprise, saw the tyrant with eleven eyes
Fatal flaw in the plan, just one thing we didn't understand
When attacked from the top, beholder's magic never stops

Gaze of the, gaze of the, gaze of the eye tyrant
Gaze of the, gaze of the, gaze of the eye tyrant
Gaze of the, gaze of the, gaze of the eye tyrant
Gaze of the eye tyrant!

Flesh to stone, then telekinesis
Disintegrate ray blows the mage to pieces
Dwarf drops down swinging her +1 axe
She starts slowing, vulnerable to next attacks

Gaze of the eye tyrant!

Fighters drop their swords in their sleep of illusion
Thief runs out the door, victim of his own delusions
Should have cast Legend Lore, elder gods would've let us know
Only attack beholders when the party strikes from below

Gaze of the eye tyrant!
(Look into the) gaze of the eye tyrant!